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A web presence is essential for all organisations

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Looking for something - let's google it!

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A website's primary goal should be to provide basic information. And then more layers if required.

It shouldn't be all razzle-dazzle, glitter and fizz.

Always better to have your own website with current, accurate and enticing information.

Here's an example of a basic but very effective website.

It's not expensive - about $500 to create a mobile friendly website such as this.

We just need some images and text and we will do everything else.

And remember, it's your website so what you say goes.

Waterfall Redspot Waterfall Redspot dragonfly and Pink Spider Flower
Let us create the flower - a flower in continual bloom, 24 hours a day; every day of the year.

You never know what you may attract.

So drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to give you a web presence.

Or maybe give your existing website a facelift.

BTW you don't need to live nearby - it is the world wide web ....

Alan & Dianne
Waratah Software