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Western Australia
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Broome sunset image pa150380 41KB

The sun setting over Cable Beach into the Indian Ocean at Broome, in Western Australia.

Jiggal tree pod image pa140200 96KB

Broome is 2,200 km north of Perth and is referred to as the gateway to The Kimberley.

At 421,000 square kilometres, The Kimberley, is a bit larger than California and almost twice the size of the United Kingdom.

The Jiggal tree (Bauhinia cunninghamii) is found throughout the Kimberley and is also known as Kimberley Bauhinia. Its root is a traditional Aboriginal remedy for sores.

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Cable Beach is over 20 kilometres long, and was named after the telegraph cable that was laid from Broome to Java in 1889.

Cable Beach image pa170624 100KB

Over 325 species of bird call the Broome region home.

An estimated 800,000 migratory birds "visit" the area annually. Some coming 12,000 km from Siberia and Alaska using the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

Horned Ghost Crab image pa170610 139KB

A walk along the beach will find many natural treasures such as the Horned Ghost Crab, shells, pieces of coral and other marine life.

Dinosaur footprint image pa170016 170KB

Gantheaume Point is at the southern end of Cable Beach.

Rockface image pa170029 124KB

The point has some spectacular rock formations - more amazing colours from the Kimberley palette.

Near here are the footprints left by a dinosaur 130 million years ago.

They are underwater except at the lowest of low tides.

Courthouse Markets image pa150293 192KB

The Courthouse markets are held every Saturday morning throughout the year, and Sunday morning from April to October.

Also recommended is Matso's Broome Brewery and the cafe at the Broome Wharf.

Plus of course the many local attractions - galleries, museums and shops in and around Broome.

Soaps at Hidden Valley Handcrafts image pa180080 153KB Soapmaking at Hidden Valley Handcrafts image pa180069 150KB

Hidden Valley Handcrafts produces a large range of natural soaps, ointments, creams and candles.

There are twice weekly tours of the factory during the tourist season.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm image pa140200 143KB

Further afield is the Willie Creek Pearl Farm ← don't click this link unless you either have "real" broadband or plenty of time.

A trip to the Farm is a must to learn about pearls and Broome's pearling history.

Horizontal Falls image pa160223 125KB

And then there's Horizontal Falls - which is created by the extreme tides - as much as 10 metres.

Horizontal Falls is 250km north of Broome. Half-day seaplane tours take you there.

It is estimated that there are over 2,000 flora species in The Kimberley.

Here's a very meagre example of these.

Beach Morning Glory image pa160044 96KB
Beach Morning Glory *
Ipomoea pes-caprae
Tall Mulla Mulla image pa150318 134KB
Tall Mulla Mulla *
Ptilotus exaltatus
Native Cotton image pa140223 71KB
Native Cotton *
Gossypium australe
* not 100% sure of their identity