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The Horizontal Falls
Talbot Bay
Western Australia
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The Horizontal Falls in the north-west of Western Australia is described by David Attenborough as "one of the greatest natural wonders of the world".

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It is created by the enormous variation in tides - which are as much as 10 metres.

The water level rising, or falling, in Talbot Bay (due to the tide) causes a major height difference with the water level in the inlet on the other side of the Falls.

The tidal levels can be clearly seen by the discolouration on the cliff face in several of these images.

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Horizontal Falls Adventure Tours offers a spectacular way of not only experiencing the Falls, but also seeing some of the Kimberley - by seaplane!

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Talbot Bay is 250km north east of Broome - which is where the seaplane starts its half-day journey.

When you land on Talbot Bay, you transfer to a launch and actually go up the falls. The launch is held on the falls to really savor the experience.

It is not permitted to traverse the second falls as it is too narrow and dangerous.

Included below are some photos taken from the seaplane. Apologies for the quality as they were taken through the plane's window, that, and the gentle vibration of the plane affects the image.

However, they present the colours of the Kimberley and show some shots of the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Kimberley Coast.

Kimberley Colours image pa160137 119KB
Kimberley Colours
Taken on the way to Horizontal Falls.
Tidal Sand Flats image pa160464 143KB
Tidal Sand Flats
Near the coast, south of Cape Leveque.
The Kimberley Coast image pa160388 61KB
The Kimberley Coast
South of Cape Leveque - picture book colours.
uccaneer Archipelago Island image pa160370 56KB
Buccaneer Archipelago Island
Taken on the way back to Broome. A magic little island that this photo does not do justice.
Buccaneer Archipelago Island image pa160331 94KB
Buccaneer Archipelago Island
Looks like a lizard or turtle swimming away.
Buccaneer Archipelago image pa160323 63KB
Buccaneer Archipelago
Showing some of the 800 or so islands.
Slug Island image pa160143 52KB
Slug Island, Talbot Bay
What a great name for an island.
Cape Leveque Lighthouse image pa160447 99KB
Cape Leveque Lighthouse
We landed here - well the seaplane did.
There is a very clean and well appointed camping & amenities area.
Kimberley Coast Sunset image pa160516 50KB
Kimberley Coast Sunset
Beautiful colours fading away.