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Echuca, Victoria
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Paddlesteamer image pb050073 136KB

The paddlesteamer PS Canberra in front of the Echuca Wharf on the Murray River.

The Murray River flows over 2,500 kms from the Australian Alps to the sea at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. Its south bank marking the New South Wales - Victoria border.

PS Canberra was built in 1912, in Goolwa, South Australia.

Murray River Flag image pb050096 44KB The origins of the Murray River Flag are obscure. It was flown as early as the 1850s and is now in general use.

A quote from the time reads "It bears a red cross with four horizontal bars of blue, the cross being charged with five stars as emblems of the different Australian colonies, while in the upper corner in token of the British connection is depicted the Union Jack ..." It is thought that the four bars of blue represent the Murray River system - probably the Darling, Murrumbidgee and Lachlan as well as the Murray.

Echuca, on the Victorian side, was once the largest inland port in the Southern Hemisphere. Around 200 paddlesteamers worked the Murray River System using Echuca as their hub. Echuca was a railhead and only 200km from Melbourne.

Echuca's 1.2 km redgum wharf was built in 1865. It has three levels - in order to cope with the 7.5 metre change in river level. The redgum piles stand 12 metres.

The Walkabout and Echuca - Moama Official Visitor Information websites provide lots more information.

Postcard images from Echuca, Victoria.

Paddlesteamer image pb050108 170KB
PS Canberra
Paddlesteamers image pb050120 163KB
PS Emmylou (foreground)
and PS Canberra
Horse & Carriage image pb040004 143KB
Horse & Carriage
Photo taken from a balcony at the
River Gallery Inn