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Australian Native Birds
Parrots, lorikeets
and cockatoos, etc
There are roughly 375 parrot species in the world with 56 species in Australia.

The estimates vary depending on the literature that's referenced.

Parrots belong to the order Psittaciformes, which is divided into three superfamilies:

Species. To clarify, the Crimson Rosella is one species - although there are 6 sub-species or races, including the Adelaide and Yellow Rosellas.

Australian King-Parrot
Australian Ringneck
Crimson Rosella
Eastern Ground Parrot
Eastern Rosella
Gang-gang Cockatoo
Little Corella
Long-billed Corella
Mallee Ringneck
Musk Lorikeet
Port Lincoln Parrot
Rainbow Lorikeet
Red-capped Parrot
Red-winged Parrot
Regent Parrot
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Twenty-eight Parrot
Western Rosella
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Yellow Rosella

Australian Ringneck Australian Ringneck
(Twenty-eight Parrot)
(Pemberton, WA)
There are several races of this parrot.
The Twenty-Eight Parrot is named after its call and is found in the south-west corner of Western Australia.
Mallee Ringneck Australian Ringneck
(Mallee Ringneck)
(Cobar, NSW)
The Mallee Ringneck is found in the arid parts of NSW, Victoria and Queensland.
It is distinguished from the other members of its family by its blue/green head and the orange on its chest.
Australian Ringneck Australian Ringneck
(Port Lincoln Parrot)
(Kings Canyon, NT)
The Port Lincoln Parrot has a yellow belly and no red above its beak and is found in Western Australia, South Australia and into the Northern Territory.
Photo by Rosemary Culos
King Parrot Australian King-Parrot
(Leura, NSW)
The male Australian King-Parrot has a red head and neck; the female and juveniles are green. They can be found along the Australian east coast and ranges.
Here's an image taken by John French in Blackheath, NSW.
See our Australian King-Parrot profile.
Crimson Rosella Crimson Rosella
(Cheltenham, NSW)
The Crimson Rosella can be found in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia in open forest areas. It has a distinctive melodic piping call.
See our Crimson Rosella profile.
Eastern Rosella Eastern Rosella
(Axedale, Vic.)
The Eastern Rosella can be found in the Eastern states - including South Australia and Tasmania.
Its white cheeks help identify it.
Photo by Michelle Abbott
Galah (male) Galah
(Mungo NP, NSW)
The Galah is found throughout Australia and its numbers are increasing - most probably due to land clearing.
The male has dark eyes; the female red eyes - as this image shows.
Here's a great photo by Michelle Abbott.
Gang-gang Cockatoo (female) Gang-gang Cockatoo
(Leura, NSW)
Found in the forests of south-eastern Australia, the male has the distinctive crimson head.
Gang-gang Cockatoo (male) Gang-gang Cockatoo
(Leura, NSW)
Aboriginal legend has it that the Waratah received its crimson colour from the male Gang-gang Cockatoo.
Its call resembles a very creaky door.
Little Corella Little Corella
(Hay, NSW)
Identified by the blue around its eyes, and lack of red on its chest, the Little Corella can be found throughout the semi-arid regions of Australia.
Long-billed Corella Long-billed Corella
(Axedale, Vic.)
Easily recognised by its exaggerated hooked beak, the Long-billed Corella is mainly found in south-western Victoria.
Here's another image.
Photo by Michelle Abbott
Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Lorikeet
(Cheltenham, NSW)
The Rainbow Lorikeet has all the colours of the rainbow.
When in groups, they enter into incessant chattering and fluttering about.
See our Rainbow Lorikeet profile.
Red-capped Parrot Red-capped Parrot
(Albany, WA)
Found in south-western Australia the Red-capped Parrot has a longer slimmer beak to enable it to get into gumnuts.
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Found along the east coast and hinterland, it is the only Lorikeet that has a completely green head.
Photo by Martin Kandilas
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
(Austinmer, NSW)
The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is best known for its loud raucous screeching.
They are usually found in flocks of a dozen or more.
Here's an image taken by John French in Blackheath, NSW.
See our Sulphur-crested Cockatoo profile.
Western Rosella Western Rosella
(Albany, WA)
Found in the south west of WA, the male Western Rosella has more distinct colours than the female which is mottled with green.
The Eastern Rosella has more yellow on its back and underside, plus it has white cheeks.
Regent Parrot Regent Parrot
(Wemen, Vic)
Found in the lower Murray basin and south-western WA, the male is a more vibrant yellow.
Photo by Awesome Jones
Red-winged Parrot Red-winged Parrot
(Prairie, Qld)
Found along the Top-end, most of Queensland and northern NSW, the male has a dark back.
Photo by Awesome Jones
Yellow Rosella Yellow Rosella
(Wirrabara, SA)
A race of the Crimson Rosella family, the Yellow Rosella is found along the waterways of inland NSW.
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
(Leura, NSW)
A large cockatoo, it is found in the south-east coast and ranges from Central Qld to Adelaide and Tasmania.
Stunning in flight, the male has a darker bill and a red eye-ring.
Here's another image and another.
Musk Lorikeet Musk Lorikeet
(Ocean Shores, NSW)
Found from Rockhampton south to Adelaide plus Tasmania, on coast, ranges and inland slopes and plains. Usually in noisy flocks.
Here's another image and another.
Photos by Alan Lymbery
Eastern Ground Parrot Eastern Ground Parrot
(Wooli, NSW)
Found along the coast from Brisbane south to Victoria plus throughout Tasmania.
It's shy and is largely terrestrial.
It's listed as "vulnerable" in NSW.
Photos by Alan Lymbery


ACT - Australian Capital Territory
NP - National Park
NSW - New South Wales
NT - Northern Territory
Qld - Queensland
SA - South Australia
Vic. - Victoria
WA - Western Australia

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