Grey Spider Flower

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Spider Flowers
of the
Sydney Region

Red Spider Flower
There are five Grevilleas in the Sydney Region that are commonly referred to as Spider Flowers.
They are the -

The Green Spider Flower was found at Glenorie - thanks Sal.

The images of the other four spider flowers were taken in the Lane Cove National Park in Sydney. The Grey Spider Flower being the most prolific and the Red Spider Flower being the least prolific but the most spectacular.

The spider flowers flower in winter and spring, and are mainly restricted to the Sydney sandstone region.

the Pink Spider Flower - Grevillea sericea
Pink Spider Flower
The Pink Spider Flower can vary from a vibrant pink to nearly white - as shown below.

The flower is about 30mm across and is similar to the White Spider Flower - however its leaves are not long.

The numerous plants I have found in the Lane Cove National Park were no more than a metre in height - this was probably due to bush-fires which swept through the area a few years ago.

I have seen plants in the Blue Mountains that have been up to 2 metres tall.

More Pink Spider Flower images.

Pink Spider Flower
Pink Spider Flower

the Grey Spider Flower - Grevillea buxifolia
Grey Spider Flower
The Grey Spider Flower plants have a profusion of flowers - the styles of which can at times be likened to a small flock of flamingos.

The flowers are 50mm across and about 40mm in height.

In early spring they form an honour guard on either side of the fire trail between Pennant Hills Park and the Lane Cove River.

Spot flowers occur throughout the year.

Grey Spider Flower

the Red Spider Flower - Grevillea speciosa
Red Spider Flower
The Red Spider Flower is a vivid crimson and is the most spider-like of the spider flowers.

Each flower hangs from a stalk like a spider suspended from its web.

The image below shows it about to unfurl and adopt its spider like pose.

The flower is about 70mm across - its "legs" (stamen) are 30mm long.

The wonderful natural symmetry of the Red Spider Flower from above as it stretches its "legs" is shown below.

Being one of only a few red flowers in the Lane Cove National Park, it can be easily found on dry sheltered, but not shady, ridges in late winter and early spring.

More Red Spider Flower images.

Red Spider Flower
Red Spider Flower
Red Spider Flower

the White Spider Flower - Grevillea linearifolia
White Spider Flower
The White Spider Flower is the smallest of the spider flowers being barely 20mm across.

Its flower is similar in appearance to the Pink Spider Flower, although its leaves are quite different - the White Spider Flower having a slender long leaf that's around 70mm in length.

The styles go red as the fruit (seed pod) develops.

White Spider Flower

the Green Spider Flower - Grevillea mucronulata
Green Spider Flower
The flower of the Green Spider Flower is similar to the Red Spider Flower in that it is suspended on a stalk just like a spider.

The flower is around 60mm across and the spider's "legs" are 15mm long.

The oval concave leaves are 15mm long and 10mm wide and are hairy underneath.

The botanical name comes from the mucro (leaf tip).

More Green Spider Flower images.

Green Spider Flower
Green Spider Flower
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