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The Peace Bell
New South Wales

Peace Bell
The Australian World Peace Bell is a replica of the original Japanese Peace Bell which is located in the inner court of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Like the original, this bell was cast from melted down coins and medals from member countries of the United Nations in the hope that world peace will be realised.

Cowra was chosen by the Australian Government as the site for the Australian World Peace Bell in recognition of its unique contribution to international understanding, promotion of peace and as a centre of world friendship.

The bell is a gift from the World Peace Bell Association Japan.

It weighs 477 Kilograms, is 1.06m high and has a diameter of 60cm.

Peace Bell
The hut that houses the bell is adorned by tiles which were created by the school children of Cowra and the bell's sponsors.

A close up of some of the tiles is shown below.

When you enter the gazebo which houses the bell, a recording of the story of the World Peace Bell begins.

The recording ends with the request to "ring the bell".

Peace Bell tiles